EXCELLENCE in Coaching Initiative

EXCELLENCE in Coaching Initiative

The aim of the ABSA RUN YOUR CITY Series excellnce in coaching initiative is to get SA coaches to talk to each other and share knowledge in the hope of getting improved performances in 10km distance.

The ABSA RUN YOUR CITY Coaching Initiative has the capacity to host 80 coaches.

It will entail the following:

  • Prior to each on the three events the organiser will host a coaches mini conference to discuss all matters relating to excellence in 5k/10k running
  • The sessions will be aimed at: How do we improve the depth of 10k running and improve top end quality – sub 28min and sub 31min?
  • In each of the conferences, the five speakers will be the core coaches – Hendrik Ramaala, Chris Bruwer, Andrew Booyens, Vicky Botha and Michael Seme – each dealing with a topic
  • Each conference will be 3 hours, with light snacks and drinks, held typically on the Thursday afternoon before the event, with post session drinks 
  • The set up will encourage networking
  • Each conference will invite coaches from that area to attend – we will aim to have 30-40  (maximum 80) coaches from each area (estimate)
  • The conferences (or part of them) will either be live-streamed or edited into coaching segments 
  • The attending coaches will be maintained in a community database, so that we can continue to interact, encourage and incentivise these coaches
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