Track & Field




  1. Athletes who wish to be selected for the teams must compete actively at WPA meetings during the 2024 domestic season, as all performances at meetings from 1 January 2024 will be taken into account by selectors.
    • Athletes who wish to be selected for the teams must compete in at least 3 league meetings as well as the Championships during the 2024 domestic season.
    • Athletes should participate at the league meetings in the event(s) they wish to be selected, i.e. to be selected for High Jump, there should be 3 results of league meetings in High Jump for the athlete
    • At WPA Championships, athletes must compete in the event(s) for which they want to be selected.
  1. Combined events athletes to compete at 2 Combined Events competitions
    • It is compulsory for all athletes wishing to be selected for the:
    • U 16, u18 u20 andU23 teams to compete at the WPA U16/U18/U20 & U23 Track and Field Championships
    • Senior & Combined Events athletes to compete at the WPA Senior and Combined Events Track and Field Championships
    • Relay teams will be selected on times ran in the relevant distances

Any athlete who cannot compete at the relevant Championships, should indicate to the Track & Field Chairperson, via the WPA Office, in writing of non-participation and the reasons therefore BEFORE the relevant championship

  1. A PROVISIONAL Team will be selected and announced at the WPA U16/U18/U20 & U23 Track and Field Championships.
  2. PROVISIONAL Senior, Combined Events and Relay Team will be announced at the WPA Senior T&F and Combined Events Championship

Any athlete who has been selected in a team and accept the selection MUST be available for relay team.

The teams will be ratified by the Board at the earliest convenient time and formal communication will be shared with the clubs

  1. Only athletes who are members of WPA Clubs and who possess a 2024 license can enter for Championships and will be eligible for WPA teams.
  2. In terms of ASA rules ONLY SOUTH AFRICAN CITIZENS may compete at the national championships and therefore be selected for WPA teams for the relevant championships.
  3. Athletes born in 2010 or 2009 will be eligible for selection for the under 16 age group.
  4. Athletes born in 2008 or 2007 will be eligible for selection for the under 18 age group.
  5. Athletes born in 2006 or 2005 will be eligible for selection for the under 20 age group
  6. Athletes born in 2004, 2003, 2002 will be eligible for selection for the Under 23 Age group
  7. No athlete younger than 16 years will be eligible for selection in the Senior Team
  8. Teams will be announced after the end of the relevant championships and athletes who believe they have a chance of selection are to be present when the teams are announced.
  9. Athletes competing at meetings outside WPA must provide certified official results of their performances to the Track and Field Chairperson BEFORE the start of the relevant WPA Championship
  10. Standards have been set by WPA and will be used as a guideline to athletes and coaches. The attainment of these standards will mean automatic selection, should other criteria be met.
  11. Athletes will be selected on the WPA qualifying standard and not the ASA standard.
  12. If the ASA standard is lower than the WPA qualifying standard, athletes can apply to be registered as individual entry at own cost
  13. The maximum allowed number of athletes will be determined by the following:
    • Achievement of the WPA qualifying standard
    • Maximum number allowed by ASA for the particular event

2022/23 Commission Members


Chairperson Rosa-Linda Kock
Adri Jordaan
Emil van Wyk
Eugene Atkins
Graham Meyer
Hendrik Potgieter
Tobias Philander
Waleed Donough