Excellence Squad


The Sports Excellence Programme provides a structured training, educational and development route for talented young athletes (aged 14-18 years) who have a real chance of excelling in NOT only their sport but in academics as well. The programme is designed to ensure the simultaneous development of Athletes and their coaches. Athletes and Coaches are Contracted into this programme.

Major Components

  1. Physical Training and Performance Resources/Services
  2. Coaches Education
  3. Nutritional Guidance
  4. Medical Assistance/Guidance

Supporting Components

  1. Academic Support
  2. Career Guidance
  3. Mentorship & Performance Advisor
  4. Psychological Support


  • Consider the holistic approach for Athlete Development
  • Assist Athletes on and off the Field of Play
  • Assist with Coaches education programmes
  • Act as an early Talent Development strand as part of WPA’s High Performance Structure
  • The key purpose is to identify and assist in developing talented, emerging athletes aged 15-18, with the potential and motivation to attain national representative standards.


To be eligible for inclusion, athletes need to be part of WPA Schools/Clubs (Cape Metropole) and be between the ages of 15-18.


  • Current/Former National Medalists (Dating 2-3 years)
  • Benchmark times (Avg 5th place dating 3 years back) TO BE CONFIRMED
  • 50% Grade Average
  • ASA Top 10 Ranking List
  • Athletes will need to complete an Athlete Capacity Template


  • Improved performance of the athlete on the Field as well as in the classroom
  • Steppingstone for future senior/tertiary phase of sporting and academic life.


Athletes and coaches are contracted on a yearly basis into this programme from April in the Current year to April the following year (Post track and field season until the end of the following track and field season)