High School Bursary Programme


The High Schools Bursary Programme provides support for some of our most outstanding athletes at a national level. The programme is designed to encourage both academic and athletic performance. The initial entry for the 2019 Programme is from Grade 8-9, and WPA will support these Athletes for their high school career, however a mandatory application will have to be made each year.



  1. This programme is designed to ensure that the Federation supports and retains its best high school going athletes.
  2. To ensure performing athletes enter in the WPA Development and High-Performance plan for the foreseeable future.
  3. Ensure athletes are supported both Athletically and Academically



To be eligible for inclusion, athletes need to be part of WPA Schools/Clubs (Cape Metropole), 13-15.



  1. Current/Former National Medalists (Dating 1-2 years back)
  2. Exceed Benchmark times (Avg 5th place dating 3 years back) TO BE CONFIRMED
  3. 50% Grade Average
  4. ASA Top 10 Ranking List
  5. Athletes will need to complete an Athlete Capacity Template



  1. Improved performance of the athlete on the Field as well as in the classroom
  2. Steppingstone for future senior/tertiary phase of sporting and academic life.
  3. Athlete Retention
  4. Athletes form part of a pathway from Junior into tertiary and senior level


The following support will be on offer:

  1. Athlete Equipment (Attire and Actual Equipment
  2. Nutrition
  3. School Fees
  4. Coaching Fees
  5. Travelling Fees
  6. Medical Assistance
  7. Educational Needs (Stationery, School Attire, extra lessons, etc)
  8. Assistance with placement at school (where needed)