Kids Athletics


The Kids’ Athletics Program is a World Athletics initiative that aims to increase participation levels in athletics around the world.  The program focuses on enjoyment and fun.

The World Athletics model aims to popularise athletics through teaching three main areas – Jumping, Throwing and Sprinting/Running.  The program is designed mainly for ages 7-12 (the program runs in primary schools therefore some Grade 7s may be older). 

Part of the Kids’ Athletics Program includes encouraging new coaches and developing coaching capacity.  Using the World Athletics model, WPA provides Facilitator accreditation courses for people interested in becoming a coach or getting more involved in the sport of athletics. 


  • Make athletics the number one participation sport in schools
  • Educate children about sport in general and then athletics in particular
  • Promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle
  • Encourage social interaction and group cohesion
  • Ensure that not only stronger or faster children contribute to a good result
  • Ensure that skills taught vary according to the age and coordination abilities
  • Attract and sustain the potential sporting stars of the future
  • Recruit Facilitators who were previously unemployed thereby contributing to the betterment of society in the Western Province


  • Improved Fundamental Motor Skills
  • Parents/Kids take an interest in pursuing athletics
  • Streamline Kids into the WPA Club system
  • Athletics concept of running, jumping and throwing becomes the number one PE activity in schools.


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