Coaching Hubs


The Western Province Athletics Coaching Hubs will be established to offer Talented Athletes WITHOUT a coach the opportunity to join a club and develop their Athletic Potential. In the same manner it will help current Athletes improve performance but also attract new athletes to the sport. Talent ID Scouts will act as a feeder system to the Coaching Hubs. In like manner it will also allow for the Development of both the Athletes and the coach, via coach’s education.



The primary objective of the Coaching Hub is to work alongside Western Province Athletics, to support the growth and performance of the sport of competitive Athletics in its District, from entry level club competitive athletes to Elite HP (High Performance) athletes.



  • Improve the performance of athletes and/or attract new athletes
  • Improve the skills of Coaches and/or attract new Coaches
  • Club Collaboration- work in tandem with other clubs in the community, to ensure the hub becomes as effective as possible.
  • Coaches Collaboration- Hub Coaches to work in tandem and sit down at least once every quarter to share with one another.
  • Each hub should upskill At least one RACE WALKING coach over the next 3 years


Current coaching Hubs

  • Retail Capital Langa
  • Spartan Harriers
  • MP Titans
  • Ultra AC



The Coaching Hub is open and available all year round.