Cross Country

The WPA Cross Country league runs during the winter months. Races take place on a wide variety of courses. Each age group runs in a separate race over various distances.

What is Cross Country?

Cross Country is regarded by many as the purest form of the running sports. It does not require a highly technical artificial track or the need to mix congested traffic with the participants of Road Racing.

The sport is a "grass roots" discipline catering for all ages and abilities and is seen by many top athletes and coaches as an excellent platform on which to build a high level of stamina for Track athletes and speed for road runners. Many top athletes started their careers in Cross Country and still return to the Sport during the Track and Field "off-season" to build strength and stamina for the new season.

Message from the chairman

"An exciting new Cross Country season is upon us again. The season promises to be bigger and better than ever.

On behalf of Western Province Athletics Cross Country Commission, let met take this opportunity to welcome you to the winter league of running on the wild side. Cross Country leagues over the years, shown a steady growth in numbers. For those of you who have not attempted Cross Country, you’ve missing out big time. This brochure has been published to help you make your season more enjoyable by providing you with essential information and inspiration.

In this brochure you will find the basic rules of cross country, a Typical Championship Programme for league meetings, fixture and road maps which help you to get to the various venues. You will also find the names of the WPA Cross Country Commission, together with contact telephone numbers, should you need any further information.

We are going to be concentrating a lot of our efforts on our juniors this season, which will call for close co-operation with coaches, schools and development. New courses/venues, some in previously disadvantaged areas, are an added attraction this year, bringing the sport to the people.

A big thank you to Peninsula Beverages for the supply of coke at every race.

The season will consist of 8 league meetings, 1 relay and the WPACC Championships. The WPACC Relay will be a big start to the season. Medals as well as attractive lucky draw prizes will be awarded.

We have once again managed to find enough clubs to organize the events.

Clubs who would like to stage a league meeting in 2017, must apply before 30 June 2016.

On behalf of the commission, I trust you will have an injury free, successful and most of all enjoyable Cross Country season for 2016."

Yours in running

Cross Country Commission

Message from the sponsor

Peninsula Beverages is proud to be associated with Western Province Athletics Cross Country as it fosters a sport which serves the best interests of a wide community where participation is not limited to those who can afford expensive or specialised equipment.
We assure the province and the athletes of our continued support and hope that participation in the WPA Cross Country events will assist in sharpening the strength and fitness of all those who take part in 2016.

Dan Davis
Sponsor – Peninsula Beverages


WPACC would like to thank the following:
  • K3 Water & Energy Sachets
  • Stud Welding Services
  • Peninsula Beverages
Without their generous assistance, Cross Country in our Province would be a lot poorer. Your support for these organisations would be appreciated.

General information

Entry Fees: Sub Juniors (u8 – u12) R3.00,Juniors (u13 – u19) R5.00, Mob Race R5.00, Seniors and Masters (4 km) R10.00, Seniors (10 km) R15.00 and Master Men (8km) R15.00. Master Women wanting to run in the Senior Women 8 km event, will only pay R5.00 for their 2nd race. (They must first run in their age category event).

Temporary Licence Numbers will be available at all meetings at R15 for seniors/masters and R10 for juniors.

Juniors: All junior athletes are required to produce a certified copy of their birth certificates to be entitled for prize money and selection to WPA teams. This must be done at the 1st or 2nd League meeting.

Combined races: All junior boys and girls (u8 - u19) run in separate races for each age category. For example, boys and girls u11 will run together in their own race. Girls u13 will run in the same race at the u12 Girls. Girls u17 and u19 will run in the same race. Boys u19 will compete in the Senior Women race at 15:10.

Please note the starting times

Prizes and scoring: Team prizes in cash will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the Senior Men/Women and Master Men/Women categories, if a sponsor can be obtained.

Cash prizes may also be awarded to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd places in the u8, u9, u10, u11, u12, u13, u15, u17 and u19 team competitions, if a sponsor can be obtained. Proof of age will be required.

Individual point scoring will continue as per last year.

Team and Individual Competitions: All events, 4 athletes to count. A Master athlete's age group will only change on their birthday, e.g. one becomes a Master on one's 40th birthday (not at the beginning of the year in which one's age category changes).

Team competitions will be based on 7 out of 8 League Meetings.

Individual competitions will be based on 8 out of 8 League Meetings.

The individual point scoring will be slightly different for the Senior Men and Master Men. The 1st 50 will score extra points - 50 for 1st, 49 for 2nd, etc. down to 50th position. In the Ladies, Veteran Ladies and Juniors the 1st 10 will score extra points - 10 for 1st, 9 for 2nd, etc.

Should an athlete be selected to represent South Africa in an international event the same day as a league race, participation points will be awarded to the athlete.

Mob race at League meetings: registered and non-registered athletes may enter. Registered athletes must at all times wear club colours and 2 licence numbers (front and back). Licence numbers are not transferable under any circumstances.


Athletes are liable for disqualification for the following:
  • crossing the finish line without a competitor sticker
  • bad behaviour
  • wearing another athlete's race numbers
  • not completing the full distance of the event.

ASA / SAMA Championship

The ASA /SAMA Championships will be held on 10 September 2016 (in George). WPA will send a squad of athletes to this meeting. The size of the team will depend on the amount of funds available.

Incentive Awards

Any athlete who competes in 6 of the 8 leagues races in their age/distance category as well as the WPACC Championships also in their age/distance category, will receive an incentive award during October 2016.

Mike Walters trophy

The Mike Walters Trophy will again be presented to the club organising the best league meeting. A committee will be appointed to decide on the winning club. The winner will be announced at the WPACC Championships. Clubs who need any equipment can obtain it from Andy James (021 952-1666 home).
Refreshments at meetings

Organising clubs are responsible for arranging somebody to sell refreshments at every Cross Country meeting.

A few important IAAF rules:

To have orderly Cross Country Meetings and to eliminate friction and unpleasantness through ignorance, the following few IAAF Rules are of great importance for Cross Country which is basically a Team Sport.

All clubs, coaches and parents should acquire the IAAF Rule Book which can be obtained from WPA or direct from ASA.

Clothing - shoes and licence numbers

  1. Clothing:
    • In all events competitors must wear clothing which is clean, designed and worn so as not to be objectionable. The clothing must be made of a material which is non-transparent even if wet. The competitors must not wear clothing which could impede the view of the judges. At all meetings competitors shall participate in the uniform clothing approved by ASA
    • Note: Clothing means approved School, Club, Provincial or National Colours.
  2. Shoes
    • Competitors may compete in bare feet or with footwear on both feet.
  3. Licence numbers
    • No person resident in South Africa may participate in a meeting subject to the regulations of ASA or any of its affiliated associations, unless on the date of the meeting concerned he is the holder of a licence which granted him permission to participate.
  4. Numbers
    • Every competitor must be provided with two numbers which, during the competition, must be worn visibly on the chest and back.

Assistance to athletes

  1. Any athlete giving or receiving assistance from within the competition area during an event shall be cautioned by the Referee and warned that for any repetition, he will be disqualified from that event.
  2. No competitor is allowed to receive assistance or refreshments from any person during the progress of the race other than the water point. No persons, not officially instructed by the manager of the meeting, are allowed to give refreshments to athletes.

League Meetings 2017

Clubs who want to apply for a League meeting in 2017 must do so before 30 June 2016.

Finally remember

  • All age groups are catered for including novice runners. Make it a family affair.
  • Each course is completely different.
  • Running "off-road" means no exhaust fumes to contend with.
  • Cross Country complements road and track running.
  • Remember all the top middle distance track runners run Cross Country.

2017 WPA Cross Country Fixture List

29 April Relay Nantes Nantes Park B Oliver / N Abels
13 May 1st League Bonteheuwel CPUT B Oliver/ M Philander                   
20 May 2nd League Velocity  Atlantis V Dreyer/ I Burgess
27 May 3rd League Bottelary Kaapzicht Wine Estate R Mehl / A Soggop
**11 June 4th League Defence (WP) Youngsfield R Mehl/ B Mehl
17 June 5th League Eskom  Koeberg Nature Reserve A James/ B Oliver
24 June 6th League Correctional Services Pollsmoor R Brown/ I Burgess/WP Schools
22 July Mountain Race/ Beach Run Ommiedraai AC Strandfontein Pav. WPACC Commission
29 July 7th League Nantes Nantes Park V Dreyer/ A Soggop
**6 August 8th League Top Form Elfindale A James/ B Oliver
12 Aug WPACC/School Champs Bonteheuwel AC CPUT Bellville WPACC Commission
9 Sept ASACC Champs ASA Potchefstroom ASA

**This is Sunday events starting at the usual times.


2017 Cross Country Events
2017 WPA Cross Country Fixture List
Cross Country Relay Nantes 2017





2016 Cross Country Events
2016 WPA Cross Country Fixture List
Directions to Cross Country League 2
2015 Cross Country Selection Criteria
WPACC Champs Entry Form - Sub Juniors
WPACC Champs Entry Form - Juniors
WPACC Champs Entry Form - Seniors
WPACC TEAM - ASACC Championships 8 September
League Programme on the day
2016 Winter League Programme and Relay Entry Form


Typical League Programme

An alternative program will be followed in case of very bad weather
Time Event Distance
11:00am U/8 Boys and Girls (2008 or later) 1km
11:10 U/9 - U/10 Boys and Girls (2007/2006) 2km
11:30 U/11 Boys and Girls (2005) 3km
11:50 U/12 Boys and Girls and U/13 Girls (2004/2003) 3km
12:10pm U/13 Boys and U/18 Girls (2003/2000/1999) 4km
12:35 U/15 Boys and Girls (2002/2001) 4km
13:00 U/18 Boys and  U/20 Girls (2000/1999)-----(1998/1997)  6km
13:30 Senior Men & Women 10km
14:15 Master women - All categories 4km
14:45 Mob Race / Senior Men & Women 4km
15:25 Master Men - All categories / u20 Boys 8km

Please Note the starting times of the events

Age Categories Sub/Juniors 2016

Boys and Girls 8 Years Born 2008 & later
Boys and Girls 9 Years Born 2007
Boys and Girls 10 Years Born 2006
Boys and Girls 11 Years Born 2005
Boys and Girls 12 Years Born 2004
Boys and Girls 13 Years Born 2003
Boys and Girls u15 Years Born 2002 / 2001
Boys and Girls u18 Years Born 2000 / 1999 (Turning 16/17 years)
Boys and Girls u20 Years Born 1998 / 1997 (Turning 18/19 years)


The relay on 9 April 2016 will start at 13:30, when the first runner of each team entered will start.
There will be prize money plus medals in each category and lots of lucky draw prizes

TYPICAL WPACC Championships Programme





Girls 13 years   (2004)

3 km


Boys 10 years and Girls 10 years  (2007)

2 km


Boys 8 years and Girls 8 years (2009)

1 km


Master Women 30 and older

4 km


Boys 12 years and Girls 12 years (2005)

3 km


Boys 14 years and Girls 14 years (2003) LSEN

4 km


Boys 9 years and Girls 9 years  (2008)

2 km


Boys 11 years and Girls 11 years (2006)

3 km


Senior Men and Women (10 km)

10 km


Master Men 30-59

8 km


Senior Men and Senior Women (4 km)

4 km


Boys 16 years / Boys u/18 and u/20 girls -  and

6 km


(2001 / 2000 / 1999 / 1998)  -  LSEN



Master Men 60+

6 km


Boys 15 years and Girls 15 years (2002) LSEN

4 km


Boys 13 years / Girls 16 years / u/18 Girls

4 km


(2004 / 2001 / 2000) [ LSEN 16yrs/18yrs ]



u/20 Boys (1999 / 1998)

8 km


Senior Men / Women Relay (2 Men / 2 Women)

8 km


2016 - 2017 Commission Members

Chairperson Mr Andy James
  Ms Nazema Abels
  Ms Irene Burgess
  Ms Viyounnefer Dreyer
  Mr Russell Mehl
  Mr Leonard Meje
  Mr Mario Philander
  Mr Ben Oliver
  Mr Abraham Soggop