March 16, 2019  

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Welcome to our live coverage of day 3 of the WPA u18 Youth & u20 Junior Championships, held in Parow at the Jan Burger Stadium, 14 - 16 March 2019.

16 March 2019


09h34 400mH G.u18 Final

Marga-Rita Van Der Linde took gold in a time of 1:04.62, Stephanie Schippers took 2nd with 1:08.01 and Emma Arendse took 3rd with 1:1109


09h35 400mH G.u20 Final

Rogail Joseph took 1st in 1:00.17, Elitha Sylvester was 2nd in 1:01.21 and Annmarie Schoeman was 3rd in 1:14.93


10h48 - 200m B.U18 Heats

Heat 1 - Kyle Zinn (f) from UWC came 1st with a time of 21.76, Isma-eel Tito (f) came 2nd with a time of 23.46 and Zinzan Williams 3rd with a time of 25.65

Heat 2 - Tauriq Ismail (f) from ITHEKO came 1st with a time of 23.38 with Jemyle Fielies 2nd with a time of 24.17 and Jayden Correira 3rd with a time of 24.90

Heat 3 -  Jesse Josias (f) from UWC was 1st with a time of 22.18, Ebrahim Davids(f) 2nd with a time of 22.68, Nathan Bugen(f) 3rd with a time of 22.87 and Chaydon Jacobs(f) 4th with a time of 23.24

Heat 4 - Ashwin Carlo(f) from ITHEKO was 1st with a time of 24.01,  Mikhail Brown 2nd with a time of 24.18 and Jayde Prince 3rd with a time of 24.69


11h00 - 200m B.u20 Heats

Heat 1 - Luke Davids (f) 21.45 and Jayson Weber(f) 21.51 dominated the heat coming in 1st and 2nd with Ijaaz Jones(f) 3rd 22.76. There were two other athletes who progressed to the final in this heat, Leharno Julies(f) who was 4th 22.89 and Keanu Isaacs(f) 5th 24.41

Heat 2 - Gordon Daniels(f) was 1st with a time of 22.21, Jodi Jacobs(f) 2nd with a time of 22.53 and NIgel Nyashanu(f) 3rd with a time of 22.70


11h10 - 5000m  G.u20 Final

Kia Gibbs from VOB was first with a time of 19:08.33, Robin Lund from Nedbank was 2nd with a time of 20:13.86 and Caitlyn Schlemeyer from Langebaan was 3rd in a time of 20:59.87


11h35 - 5000m B.u20 Final

Carlo Flink took 1st place in a time of 15:10.02, Alexandra Da Silva Azevedo 2nd in a time of 15:35.86 and Busisani Metu 3rd in 15:46.53


12h55 - 300mH B.u16 Final

Jayden Daniels from Helderberg Harriers came first in a time of 39.92, Caleb Isaacs was 2nd in 42.79 and Romano Nefdt 3rd in 47.34


13h00 - Discus G.u20 Final

Claudia Van Der Westhuizen took gold with a throw of 36.02m


13h00 - 300mH G.u16 Final

Aletta Theron from BAK came 1st in 51.34 with Jade Boltman 2nd in 53.10


13h00 - High Jump G.u20 Final

Kristi Snyman took gold with a jump of 1.70 and Leandre Ketch was 2nd in 1.55


13h30 - Discus B.u20 Final

Rafiek Haywood won with a throw of 26.35m and Safwaan Jonas was 2nd with 24.02



13h35 - 400mH B.u20 Final

Aiden Tango took 1st place with a time of 55.28 with norman Magan 2nd with 1:01.33 and Jabulani Dyantyi 3rd with 1:07.50


13h45 - 100m G.u16 Final

Hannah Stephens took gold in 13.01, Rebekah Edgar was 2nd in 13.07 and Riyana Amoo 3rd in 14.11


13h50 - 100m G.u18 Final

Lawon Hill took gold in 12.71, Melanie Joshua was 2nd in 12.75 and Stefani DuPlessis 3rd in 13.02


13h55 - 100m G.u20 Final

Zinam Klass was too good for her opponents in 12.67, with Laurie Byman 2nd in 12.79 and Jade Paulse 3rd in 12.92 


14h00 - Long Jump B.u20 Final 

Tashriq Parker took 1st place with a jump of 6.73, Ashton Ryan took 2nd with 6.41 and Zyan Vincent-Hightree was 3rd with 5.73


14h00 - 100m B.u16 Final

Jayden Daniels was 1st in 11.21, Abhurahman Karriem 2nd in 11.36 and Mikhael Paulse 3rd in 11.43


14h05 -  100m B.u18 Final

Jesse Josias took gold in 10.71 with Kyle Zinn 2nd in 10.98 and Ebrahim Davids 3rd in 11.23


14h10 - 100m B.u20 Final 

Luke Davids was in a class all by himself with a quick 10.61 to take gold, with Ijaaz Jones 2nd in 11.39 and Jodi Jacobs 3rd in 11.46


14h15 - High Jump B.u20 Final

Lucian Witbooi jumped to gold in 1.83m


14h30 - Discus G.u18 Final

Zoé Jordaan took gold with a throw of 28.62m and Kelsey Abrahams took silver with 22.40m


14h30 -  200m G.u16 Final

Aletta Theron took 1st place with a time of 27.14, Isobella Van Der Merwe was 2nd with 27.56 and Jordan Baartman was 3rd with 28.25


15h35 200m G.u18 Final

Stefani Du Plessis took 1st place with a time of 25.86, Lehara Naidu was 2nd with a time of 26.35 and Alichia Arries took 3rd with 27.06


15h45 - 200m B.u16 Final

Abdurahman Karriem took 1st place with a time of 22.81, Jayden Daniels was 2nd with a time of 22.88 and Mikhael Paulse was 3rd with a time of 22.98


15h50 200m B.u18 Final

Jesse Josias took gold in 21.59, Kyle Zinn was 2nd in 21.81 and Ebrahim Davids 3rd in 22.50


15h55 200m B.u20 Final 

Sprint wonder kid Luke Davids took gold in 21.03, compatriot Jayson Weber took silver in 21.50 and Gordon Daniels took bronze in 22.24