November 1, 2018  

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Athletics South Africa will host a two-day National Technical Symposium at the Sports Centre of the University of Pretoria in Tshwane on Friday and Saturday 2 & 3 November 2018. 

Last year at the same venue, ASA held their first National Technical Symposium in more than a decade which was an outstanding success and was attended by more than 130 participants. 

The symposium which starts at 9am on Day 1, will cover Starting, Time Keeping, Appeals and Protests, Route Measurement, Technical Managing and Technical Delegates, Road Running, Off-Road, Call Room, Hammer Throw, High Jump, Long and Triple Jump, and Javelin. 

One of the most significant shortcomings exposed by the symposium last year was the shortage of trained Assizers who are the officials who certify that competition equipment is correct and meet the standards prescribed for each event. 

It was clear from the last symposium that included top Referees, Course Measurers and Assizers that South Africa has only three Assizers in total at its 17 ASA Provinces. 

“This Symposium is one of the most important as Quality Controllers are the heart of competition,” said Aleck Skhosana, President of ASA. “A mistake from them means the whole Athletics Family is put on a bad light. 

“We expect the same hunger that we saw last year from participants and we are confident that it will be another resounding success.” 

From the opening day participants can expect to be put through a practical test on the road, track and on the field, to gauge how well versed officials are on the current operating rules of the IAAF as adopted by the CAA (Confederation of African Athletics) and ASA.

At the end of the symposium and after the results of the evaluations, the successful Technical Officials will be issued with a Quality Control Identification Card that will show which Officials will have a mandate to officiate at ASA National events in the 2019 athletics season.

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