April 7, 2018  

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Welcome to our live coverage of day 3 of the ASA u18 Youth & u20 Junior Championships, held in Paarl at the Dal Josaphat Stadium, 5- 7 April 2018. Please find all the results here - Photo Credit: Keegan Mitchell

08:30 Final Men U20 (Junior) TripleJump

Kyle Green hopped, skipped and jumped to 14.95m and came 2nd, winning silver for #TeamWPA

09:00 Final Men U18 (Youth) Hammer 5kg

Graydon Fabe came 5th when he threw his hammer 57.42m

10:00 Final Women U20 (Junior) LongJump

Kiara Wolmarans was tied for 6th when she jumped 5.18m

10:00 Semi Final Men U18 (Youth) 200m

#TeamWPA superstar Luke Davids won his semi final in a quick 21.53 seconds to qualify for the final, with Jayson Weber 21.76 seconds and Jesse Josias 22.00 seconds, 1st and 2nd in the 3rd semi final to also qualify for the final.

10:40 Heat Women U18 (Youth) 1500m

Alexa Mesham, Kia Gibbs and Athemba Nqumashe

11:00 Heat Men U18 (Youth) 1500m

Kaylam DuPlessis was 9th in a time of 04:17.54

11:00 Final Women U18 (Youth) Hammer 3kg

Kayla Smit                                                                                Photo Credit: Thabiso Mazosiwe

Kayla Smit grabbed gold for #TeamWPA when she threw her hammer 56.78m

11:30 Final Women U18 (Youth) LongJump

Gabrielle Lazarus came 6th when she jumped 5.51m

12:25 Final Men U18 (Youth) 400m


From Left to Right - Jayson Weber, Jayson Weber and Lindokuhle Gora, Elrich Titus                                                                  Photo Credit: Thabiso Mazosiwe

Jayson Weber  grabbed gold for #TeamWPA in 46.71 seconds and Elrich Titus was 6th in 0:48.21 seconds. Lindokuhle Gora from AGN was second in 0:47.28

12:35 Final Women U20 (Junior) 400m

Juli Vercuiel                                                                                          Photo Credit: Thabiso Mazosiwe

Julie Vercuiel claimed bronze for #TeamWPA in 0:55.39 

12:45 Final Men U20 (Junior) 400m

Ashraf Petersen came 4th in the final with a time of 0:47.87

15:00 Final Women U20 (Junior) Hammer 4kg

Monika Hulsmann came 6th when she threw the hammer 43.69m

15:00 Final Men U18 (Youth) LongJump

Ashton Ryan came 10th when he jumped 6.42m

15:45 Final Women U18 (Youth) 1500m

Alexa Mesham came 5th in a time of 04:41.45, while Athemba Nqumashe was 11th in 04:51.56 and Kia Gibbs 12th in 05:03.85

16:30 Final Men U20 (Junior) Hammer 6kg

Corne Thiart came 5th when he threw the hammer 57.50m

16:30 Final Men U20 (Junior) LongJump

Bevan Sasman, Tashriq Parker and Kyle Green

16:35 Final Men U18 (Youth) 200m


Luke Davids, Jayson Weber and Jesse Josias                                                                                                                                                                                                 Photo Credit: Thabiso Mazosiwe

Luke Davids grabbed his 2nd gold of the championships when he won the final is 21.44 seconds, u18 400m champion Jayson Weber was 6th in 22.30 seconds and Jesse Josias was 7th in 22.49 seconds

16:40 Final Women U20 (Junior) 200m

Tamzyn Groenewald and Anja Van Heerden                                              Photo Credit: Thabiso Mazosiwe

Anja Van Heerden took silver for #TeamWPA in 25.60 seconds and Tamzyn Groenewald came 6th in 26.22 seconds

17:25 Final Women U18 (Youth) 4X400m

Our girls finished 4th in a time 04:13.92 and now boasts with a new Western Province Record

17:40 Final Men U18 (Youth) 4X400m

Our boys suffered an unjury while leading the last 400m but still managed broze in 03:42.72

18:10 Final Men U20 (Junior) 4X400m

Our boys took bronze 


This concludes our live coverage at Dal Josaphat, congrats to everyone