April 6, 2018  

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Welcome to our live coverage of day 2 of the ASA u18 Youth & u20 Junior Championships, held in Paarl at the Dal Josaphat Stadium, 5- 7 April 2018. Please find all the results here - Photo Credit: Eagles View Productions

08:30 Final Women U20 (Junior) HighJump

Kristi Snyman bagged Gold for #TeamWPA when she lept to 1.75m. This is the second gold for WPA at the Juniors

09:00 Round 1 of 1 Women U18 (Youth) LongJump

Gabrielle Lazarus qualified 4th with a leap of 5.35m

09:30 Heats Women U18 (Youth) 400m

Courtney Van Heerden was 6th in Heat 3 of 3 with a time of 1:01.43

09:50 Heats Men U18 (Youth) 400m

Jayson Weber                                                                                           Photo Credit: Keegan Mitchell

Grant Dampies                                                                                                      Photo Credit: Keegan Mitchell

Jayson Weber won Heat 3 of 3 with a time of 0:48.16. #TeamWPA had three representatives in Heat1 of 3, with Titus Elrich 3rd with a time of 0:48.67, Grant Dampies 4th with a time of 0:49.57 and Heinrich Crous 7th with a time of 0:50.40

10:10 Heats Women U20 (Junior) 400m

Julie Vercuiel                                                                                                                                           Photo Credit: Keegan Mitchell

Juli Vercuiel won Heat 2 of 3 with a time of 0:57.34

10:25 Heats Men U20 (Junior) 400m

Ashraf Petersen qualified 3rd in Heat 2 of 4 to progress to the next round, with Mcdonald De Vos 5th with a time of 0:49.94 and and Tahriq Welcome 6th for WPA  Individuals with a time of 0:50.02

10:50 Heats Women U18 (Youth) 100m Hurdles 76.2cm

Marga Van Der Linde was 6th with a time of 14.83 in Heat 1 of 2 and Elitha Sylvester was 5th with a time of 15.03 in Heat 2 of 2

11:00:00 AM Final Women U18 (Youth) Discus 1kg

Claudia Van der Westhuizen came 8th when she threw her discus 37.64m

11:00:00 AM Round 1 of 1 Men U18 (Youth) LongJump

Ashton Ryan lept to 4th place with a leap of 15.05m

11:20:00 AM Heat Men U18 (Youth) 110m Hurdles 91.4cm

Dalvon Blood came 2nd in Heat 2 of 3 with a time of 15.10 seconds

11:40:00 AM Heats Men U20 (Junior) 110m Hurdles 99.5cm

Azile Madini was 2nd in Heat 1 of 3 with a time of 14.07

12:00:00 PM Final Women U18 (Youth) 3000m

 Alexa Mesham was 9th with a time of 10:23.75

12:20:00 PM Final Men U18 (Youth) 3000m

Oliver Stewart                                                               Photo Credit: Keegan Mitchell

Oliver Stewart was 5th with a time of 08:46.45 and Kaylam Du Plessis was 13th with a time of 09:39.63 

12:40:00 PM Final Women U20 (Junior) 3000m

Simone Adams came 8th in a time of 10:48.71

1:00:00 PM Heats Women U18 (Youth) 200m

Zinam Klaas lined up in Heat 1 and came 5th in a time of 25.97 seconds

1:00:00 PM Final Men U18 (Youth) Discus 1.5kg

Niel Nelson came 13th when he threw his discuss 43.70m and Francois Joubert was 14th with a throw of 41.17m

1:00:00 PM Round 1 of 1 Men U20 (Junior) LongJump

Tashriq Parker, Kyle Green and Bevan Sasman

1:20:00 PM Heats Men U18 (Youth) 200m

Luke Davids won Heat 3 of 6 in a time of 21.96 seconds, Ebrahim Davids came 6th in Heat 2 of 6 with a time of 22.65 seconds, Jayson Webber won Heat 4 of 6 in time of 21.77 seconds and Jesse Josias came 2nd in the same Heat with a time of 22.18 seconds.

1:50:00 PM Heats Women U20 (Junior) 200m

Lara Johnson came 3rd in Heat 1 with a time of 25.54 seconds, Tamzyn Groenewald was also 3rd in Heat 2 in a time of  25.37 seconds, with Anja Van Heerden 2nd in Heat 3 of 6 with a time of 25.01 seconds

3:00:00 PM Final Women U20 (Junior) Discus 1kg

Heidie Stassen came 4th with a distance of 36.99m

3:00:00 PM Final Women U18 (Youth) TripleJump

Ameerah Donough finished 8th with a leap of 11.09m

4:05:00 PM Semi Final 1 of 2 Men U20 (Junior) 400m

Ashraf Petersen qualified for the final when he came third in the first of two semi finals in a time of 0:48.20

4:40:00 PM Final Men U18 (Youth) 110m Hurdles 91.4cm

Davlon Blood came 5th with a time of 14.44 seconds

4:50:00 PM Final Men U20 (Junior) 110m Hurdles 99.5cm

Azile Madini                                                                                                                                       Photo Credit: Keegan Mitchell

Azile Madini claimed silver for #TeamWPA when he came second in a quick 13.81 seconds

5:00:00 PM Final Men U20 (Junior) 5000m

 WPA Individuals Carlo Flink came 6th in a time of 14:53.62, with Thembeku Mendu last

17:30 Final Women U18 (Youth) 4X100m Relay

#TeamWPA came 5th in a time of 0:49.52

17:45 Final Men U18 (Youth) 4X100m Relay

#TeamWPA took broze overall with a time of 0:42.45 after having won their final

18:00 Final Women U20 (Junior) 4X100m Relay

#TeamWPA took bronze after they stumbled at the 200m mark with a time of 0:49.07

18:15 Final Men U20 (Junior) 4X100m Relay

#TeamWPA came 3rd in a time of 0:42.51