November 3, 2017  

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ASA is in process of printing the 2018 ASA Licenses. More information regarding the delivery dates will follow soon. The 2018 ASA Domestic Rules and Regulations were approved at the ASA Council Meeting on 28 October 2017. The 2018 ASA Domestic Rules and Regulations can be downloaded from the ASA website/downloads.

With regards to licensing and referring to the 2018 ASA Domestic Rules and Regulations, ASA kindly remind Members that ASA is the sole provider of License Numbers to Athletes, Office Bearers, Coaches, TO’s, etc. in South Africa (ASA Rules and Regulations Clause 25.1.1) 

The Province and the club are facilitators in the process of issuing licenses to the athletes on behalf of ASA. In exchange to act as facilitator, ASA grants the Province, and the Club, the right to obtain an income from selling the license on behalf of ASA, to cover expenses related to this facilitating role (ASA Rules and Regulations Clause 25.1.2&3). 

The Club, registered to a province, is the only institution in South Africa that can issue licenses to the athlete directly, as the club is the only legal custodian of the athlete licensed to ASA (ASA Rules and Regulations Clause 25.1.3). 

The athlete must participate only for the club that issued the license. Furthermore, the athlete can only run for the club in the same province where the license was issued (domicile rule – clause 5.11).  Athletes cannot be “contracted” to run in an event for another club, while registered with another club e.g. an athlete cannot run in the Spar ladies Race for KPMG when the athlete is registered with the Kovies AC.

The clothing of the athlete must clearly define from which club and from which province the athlete is coming from (ASA Rules and Regulations clause 24). Clubs with the same name and operating in more than one province must refer to clause 24.12.5. 

Provinces must take note of ASA Rules and Regulations Clause 25.2 which require Technical Officials (also known as Quality Controllers) to report violations to ASA.

Issued By: ASA